6 comments on “Father’s Day without a father.

  1. I lost my father at 22, older than you but he never saw me graduate college – I wasn’t in my graduation because he had just died, get married, never saw grandchildren. And there will always be some sadness on this day. But I know that God picks up the broken pieces and puts lives back together. He is present wherever you are and this life is short. It sounds like you have a great life, and he would be so proud of you. So thanks for the post and God bless.

    • My life is much more harder since my mom isn’t around because she had to live abroad to work and my dad died when I was one year old. Living without your parents is not easy it brings more sadness especially when my birthday comes. Thanks for appreciating my post. Thank you again.

  2. even tho my mm is gone to I feel them every day by my side its sad they cant see there great grands there grand kids weddinds but I no one day I will see them again

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